Monday, March 7, 2011

Through the hedge of briar-roses, welcome

Well now, I've been told that writers should have blogs. I already have a gothic-and-lolita fashion blog, so please feel free to visit me at The Midnight Ballroom. But I need a place to ramble and wax poetic about my worldbuilding escapades and the eccentric characters that embark on soul-searching quests, throw midnight dance parties in Faerie, and frequently stampede through the fourth wall to accompany me into scary real life situations and generally keep me company with their witty banter.

My WIP (Work In Progress) takes place in connection with a world I've been building since Jr High. I've read a useful way to describe one's novel is a "x meets y" oneliner, so here's what I came up with: Urban fantasy plus Tolkien meets a gothic tea party with the faerie folk and some Asian spirits. It centers on Lorcan and Taralyn, a pair of goth dreamers who go on said quest to fix a problem that arose when the sun went mad several millenia ago, and in the process find their true places in Faerie. It's hard to explain. But I'll do my best in future posts.

Who am I, then? As previously implied, I'm a goth and a gothic lolita. Speaking of the latter, my love for Japanese street fashion extends to almost all elements of the culture. I'm pursuing a major in the Japanese language.

I'd like translation or interpreting to be my future day job (at least for a while), but I also intend to seriously pursue music, art, alternative clothing design, and of course writing. For those of you asking what kind of music, I most gravitate toward the symphonic metal and Visual Kei genres, both in listening and composing.

If I've piqued your interest so far, do stick around. I'm positively thrilled to have a (potential) audience. I can't promise when the next post will be--hopefully soon, but I'll either post less because of the major stress going on in real life right now, or post more because of it. All right, where's my "break the fourth wall" support group...?

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