Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plotting for a faerie princess (no, not me--a different one)

I didn't get any writing done today, but I worked quite seriously on plot. I'm currently plotting book 3 (and nibbling at book 4, the final one in this series), so that I can tell where I'm going. I've mostly written the first draft of book one, but before revising it or writing book 2, the series' second half needs a bit of plotting.

One of these days I'll introduce various characters properly to you, but for now, hmm, think of this as a teaser I suppose. Taralyn (Protagonist 1A, in this book) has the most plot holes in her story, I think. She's turning or should I say awakening into--spoilers are inevitable, so I won't worry about it--her true self, a faerie princess.

Being the protag, at the climax she needs a task only she can complete, and I think her fae parents are somehow involved. But I have no idea how. And the antihero is following her around, I just learned today. I know what he wants with Lorcan (Protagonist 1B), but not what he wants with Taralyn, just yet. Joldyan (Antihero 1A--okay, I'll stop now) doesn't make a habit of telling me these things. Still, I'm continuing to uncover such beautiful deep themes and story elements that well, that really grab hold of me on a profound level, as I hope they will the reader.

I'm discovering that I'm not the only writer for whom multiple POVs and plotlines are commonplace. Like many other fantasy writers (it would seem we're a genre where this is common), I'm learning to decide what and whom I need onscreen, and how to best present the various storylines and characters. I've started working on my project notebook, an idea suggested in this wonderful post by author Kay Kenyon, in which she offers advice on writing works that involve a huge cast of characters.

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